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“The Dance of Life”

Integrating Body-Mind-Emotions.

Yanitza and Rolando Toro Araneda

Creator of Biodanza






Yanitza Márquez Ayala is a Biodance teacher since 1991 and a graduated professor

 by the International Biocentric Foundation from 1996.

Yanitza is also a Sociologist, Executive Coach,

Diksha Giver and Astrologer.


Along these years she has been giving workshops in different countries, for a variety of groups, among others:

Corporate teams, women, couples, golden aged people, special care Children, teachers, peace mediators, community leaders, universities and  schools.

Biodanza (Biodance) is a creation of Rolando Toro Araneda,a Chilean anthropologist and psychologist,  who  began  to developed it during the 60’s and expanded it  all over the world from the 80’s, after a process of  preparing hundreds of teachers in Latin America and Europe.

Biodanza is oriented to integrate body-mind-emotion through music, movements and non verbal group exercises. By practicing Biodance it is possible to improve our levels of vitality, and to re-connect with life through five lines  of “Vivencia”:


Vitality: The joy of living,
Sexuality: the impulse of sensual feeling,
Creativity: to re-create our lives constantly
Affectivity: to feel love and compassion for all living creatures
Transcendence:  To integrate ourselves with Human, Nature and Universe.

According to Rolando Toro:  “Biodanza allows us to be a medium for music”. Music expresses itself through the dancer, who becomes music in movement.….”

For Yanitza: “Biodanza expands our lovely, lunar, protective aspects. It is an opportunity to enjoy life, without fear or apprehensions we can feel the infinite complexity and, at the same time, simplicity of been totally present. By practicing Biodanza, little by little, we become aware of the great planetary community connected by the miracle of life…”


Yanitza Márquez: Los Cuatro Elementos en Astrología y Biodanza, Caracas, 1996

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