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Centro de Apoyo Asociativo


                Grupo de Acción Investigación Alternativa

  Group of Alternative Action and Research


Who We Are

GAIA is a Venezuelan non-profit organization comprised of highly qualified professionals, specialized in different fields of Human and Social Sciences, focused on the development of projects of Investigation, Organizational Consultation, and Educational programs. 

Aims & Objectives


The main objective of this organization is to encourage the harmonious development of individuals, families and communities via the promotion, execution and circulation of alternative technology and practises resulting in a socio-cultural change based on ecological relations. 

Who we work with


We work with communities, small companies, and public and private organizations in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects in areas of human, social and environmental sustainable development. 





GAIA places emphasis on a realistic approach and the alternative processes for the understanding of oneself which will improve one's relation with society and the environment. In GAIA we believe that when people live in peace with themselves and in harmony with society and the environment, a sustainable progress can be achieved.




wpe9.jpg (4560 bytes)The key word in GAIA's work is "Sustainability". This is achieved by supporting communities to realize their potential from working with the environment, preserving resources and thinking long term.  Our principal project is "La Planta Nuestra de Cada Dia" (or Our Daily Plant). 

With this project we look to reestablish the emotional connection with mother earth, and by this link, to prevent the continuing deterioration of the environment. 

Via the series of workshops we also instruct teachers, experts, leaders and reresentatives of the community so that they can train others and hence become the mulitpliers in the growing snowball-like project. 

"Our Daily Plant", and their related workshops have been seen to be very malleable. For example, in 1999, when horrific floods struck the Venezuelan state of Vargas and thousands of people were moved to temporary shelters, we were able to adapt our program to the new resources and environmental conditions that were found therein.  

GAIA is a non-profit organization that relies on the support of public and private institutions and sponsors. There are many ways that you can help. One way is to carry on reading... Next Page 



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