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Domínguez Hernández Family

Originating from: Barrio El Aeropuerto, Maiquetía


The tragedy for Eliana:

"It was something gigantic...I went out, running to save my 6 year old daughter, because my husband was not there...I was 5 months pregnant."

At that moment, José was looking for his family:

"I didn´t know where my children were, my wife lost her house. I was situated in Maracay at that time and I did not know what to do...I had two days of desperation..."

To express his feelings, José comments:

"I feel my heart beating a lot...I feel dead seeing such a misfortune, of all the people that died, that lost their loved ones...sometimes I dream of the turbulent water."

Eliana felt very frustrated that she couldn´t contact her family:

"The telephones were down, I had no light, the press knew those who had passed away...the children were crying..."

What helped José to survive was his...

"instinct of survival...besides, he had some patience and if my family were dead, then I also would die. A spiritual force helped me to go on. I work and live for my family."

Eliana, simliar to José, advises people that:

"It is necessary to carry on and we all have the right to live."

For José, to go on means carrying on with his job like the driver of the family, and for Eliana it signifies taking care of their children and, in the future, to work as a saleswoman and to relate herself to the public.

Both of them have many hopes for their children. José declares:

"I would like to see my children grow up as people, as professionals, and to have a calm and peaceful household."

Eliana says:

I would like my children to feel proud of me, that they will be good people and that they can help other people."

José´s biggest desire is:

"To see the smile of a child."


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