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Rojas Family

Originating from: El Cardonal, La Guaira


What left the biggest impression for Wilmer was:

"The river seemed as if there were demons that were rising and was the same demon that produced this, many lives were lost."

Wilmer recalls:

"I managed to save my life by a few seconds, I was leavingthe house and a woman asked me to help her carry her this instant there was what seemed like an explosion which, if I had not ran the door would have fallen on top of me."  "It was as if the mountain opened up and spouted forth water and earth with such a, in my dreams, I can still hear the noise of the river in my ears"

"I was desperate, I could not find my children..."

While Wilmre was looking for her family, she found a pregnant woman covered in so much mud that he was unable top recognise her; she whispered:

"Wilmer,'s me, Nancy..."

and it was when she said that, that he realised that the woman he had rescued was someone that he knew. 

"In that moment...I wept because I knew that I was never going to forget this"

Another memory which gives Wilmer satisfaction is when he rescued a dog, he recounts: 

"I saw such a cute dog, I recued it because the river would have swept it away..."

His owner was so happy. 

Wilmer feels that he has changed because of the tragedy. Now... 

"...I help neighbours treats me very well, I have overcome it, I am going forward...I am not depressed, what happened, happened."

Wilmer thanks God that his family are still alive...but he feels alone because they can not be together at the moment. While, he hopes to be united with them, he contributes to the recovery of the community, halping to carry water, keeping things clean and tidy. 

His hopes for the future are: 

"To have a house where we try to forget this and look for a better environment for our children." 


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