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Mundaraín Toro Family

Originating from: Quebrada de German, La Guaira


On the night of the 16th December, Nancy was feeling happy, thinking that in a few days, she would have her first daughter...but in an instant everything changed...She recounts for us:

"I too, saw the water that came; I felt as though I was going to die, I felt my last breath...I opened my eyes and I saw the walls close in..."

That same night, trying to leave their house she took out her two nephews:

"I asked for help from the father of my husband and we took shelter in his house...the next day they took me to hospital, they gave me a Caesarean operation...I lost my daughter and then I was in hospital for 2 months."

The avalanche stole Nancy´s expectations and hopes and all that remained was sadness, sometimes anger, at the feeling of loss because she had never given birth to her daughter.

David was also profoundly affected that same night. He tells:

"I lost my older brother, my younger sister, my sister-in-law, and my three year old I am the eldest..."

Nancy, like David, has so many dreams related with the tragedy:

"Sometimes I dream that the current carries me to the beach" tells David. In her dreams, Nancy hears the voices of her family members that disappeared: "We always remember them."

David advises the community:

"what they need to teach their children to do in cases of such a tragedy"

As for Nancy, she recommends:

"that they are all together and that they maintain good communication."

Even bearing such sorrow, they still have expectations for the future. Plans for them both, that is what helps them to survive, to keep calm, to have patience and to preserve the bond of the family.

What is important for David and Nancy, are the simple and pleasant things: keeping their home clean and in order, offering a warm atmosphere...Nancy explains:

"Yes, it is necessary to give love to people and to everything."


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