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While we have been working in the shelters, we have collected a number of accounts of the tragic consequences of the floods that struck Vargas in 1999/00. Many families find it very hard to come to terms with the fact that their lives have been permanently damaged and temporarily turned upside down. The process of encouraging them to tell their story is also a method of psychological help. Many find it tremendously useful to help them come to terms with the trauma that they are going through. It also helps them appreciate that they are not alone in the nightmare they are experiencing. Below, we have published several of the family accounts that bring to life what until now has only been pictures and news bulletins...(click on one of the family names)



· Ugueto Sandoval Family:   Quebrada de Cariaco,  La Guaira


· Domínguez Hernández Family:   Barrio El Aeropuerto,


· Rojas Family:   El Cardonal, La Guaira


· Mundaraín Toro Family:   Quebrada de Germán, La Guaira


· Fernandez Freites Family:   Zona del Teleférico,  Macuto


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