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    Published Articles and

  Radio Broadcasts...



For a long time GAIA has worked in conjunction with CANTV. We have place an article on their website every week on a variety of different topics all broadly orientated around the project "Our Daily Plant" hence including articles on everything from plant properties to recycling. 

To find these articles go to the cantv website at and on the option bar on the left hand side, select the education service. Usually on a Wednesday or Thursday on this page, you will find a link to an article written by us. Why not save this page in your "favorites" file so you can go straight to it every week?! 

To give you some idea of what are articles are like, click on one of the dates below to have a look at what we wrote about that week...

31 / 08 / 00 : "The key of the three Rs"

12 / 11 / 00 : "Poultice - a remedy of the last millenium 

                   to allieve the pains of today" 

10 / 12 / 00 : "Paper has a long history, we ought to take care of it"

11 / 01 / 01 : "Arnica - it is also good for swellings"

24 / 01 / 01 : "Cayena - decorates the environment and 

                    offers medical properties too" 


If you are interested in seeing what other articles we have published in the past then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with a full list of titles and send you any requested articles.  Contact Details 

We would like to thank CANTV for offering us the opportunity to publish our articles which we believe are very important and useful for all readers. 


 It was 3 years ago when GAIA led a 6 month series of  radio broadcasts. The series was entitled "Health is Harmony" and was broadcast once a week on the station "Radio 1300 AM". Being in our earlier days, this program was not solely orientated around the project "Our Daily Plant" which was only in the making at that time - instead the broadcasts covered number of different topics. These topics included talks on:


     - The use of plants

     - Alternative practices for health (including ideas such as Biodance, Musical

       therapy, Breathing techniques etc)

     - The interaction of Health and Art (effects of different chemicals in art)

     - Recounting tales by a series of metaphors

     - Talks on the history of art


Although given before the full establishment of the project "Our Daily Plant", if you look at the project page for Our Daily Plant, then you will see that some of these talks fall under the categories towards the end of our pie-chart. We regard these topics as very important and something that we would like to incorporte into our project work in poorer areas. 


At present, however, we value the use of radio as a good medium to transmit to a wide audience and as such, we hope to be able to run talks on the series of workshops that comprise "Our Daily Plant". GAIA has many plans for the future, we very much hope that radio will be incorporated in the heart of them. 


If you are interested in any of our broadcast topics described above and would like to know more about them or receive copies of the broadcasts, then please do not hesitate to contact us... Contact Details 



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