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- 31 / 08 / 00 -

                        The Key of the 3                       

Family - To care for the environment is a safe game (I)

The keys of the 3



If we play to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in our house and in the community, we all win.

31/08/2000. A good way to motivate our children about the subject of solid waste is to make it like a game, winning points for each activity that will involve the three Rs. If the activities then can be exchanged for points - the more they will want to do. 

The three "R"s signify:

- Reduce

- Reuse

- Recycle

In what way can we reduce the quantity of waste that we produce in the house?

One of the ways to do it is:

  • Avoiding buying products in throw away packaging

  • Using glass bottles, instead of plastic ones

  • Using thermos' in the place of bottles, cans or non-degradable cartons 

  • Taking your own bags, bottles, boxes to the market/shops

  • Avoiding buying things wrapped individually, that is to say: if you buy big boxes of cereal instead of medium of individual boxes, and similarly with drinks (milk, water) if you buy a gallon or concentrate, instead of a litre or small individual drink carton, we will be able to avoid the excess of plastic and/or cardboard packaging. 

In this way, we also help with the family budget as the products that are designed to last longer, are by and large cheaper than those that deteriorate quickly.

You will not loose the next keys, for you win everything by recycling.

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