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                                          - 12 / 11 / 00 -                          

Poultice - a remedy of the last

 millennium to alleviate the pains of today

Family - Forms of plant preparation (I)

Poultice - a remedy of the last 

millennium to alleviate the 

pains of today



The secret to a plant being effective is in the way in which it is prepared. 

12/11/2000. Poultice is used externally around the affected area with a damp heat. Depending on the chosen plant, the poultice will help to soften stiffness and tumors, or will calm a bite or burn. 

According to the type of complaint, it will be applied to pains and inflammations, toughening abscesses, colic or respiratory problems. 

How it is prepared: Normally the fresh leaves and flowers are crushed until it forms a mass of pulp and becomes hot. 

- In the case of dried plants, it is recommended to run them under warm water, crush them and add cornflour or the flour of wheat to thicken it, heating and kneading until you obtain a paste consistency. 

- You can apply this directly onto the skin and cover with a wet and lukewarm cotton pad. 

- You can leave it all night and renew the poultice every three hours.

- On removing it, rinse the treated area with water or some infusion of tranquilizing herbs

(see our article on wild oats on this same topic)

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