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                                                                      - 11 / 01 / 01 -              

Arnica - it is also 

          good for swellings!            

Family - It is found in many of our roads.

Arnica - it is also good

for swellings!



One can easily obtain Arnica in pharmacies in the form of dyes that can be used, by external means, in cases of sprains, knocks and bruises. 

11/01/2001. Its scientific name: Mountain Arnica 

Its Family: Asteraceas 

The Arnica is a shrub native to Mexico. It also goes by the name of Yellow Sunray, for the big peripheral flowers, solitary and yellow, that are found at the end of every stem. 

Arnica is an perennial plant that is accustomed to grow wild in high mountains, in limestone and rocky terrains and even in meadows. This plant can reach up to 60cm tall, the petals have an elliptical form and the fruits are dry, fluffy, cylindrical, stretched and brown in colour. There exist diverse species of this plant, but all have the yellow flowers and throw off a very pleasant aroma. 

The roots, leaves and flowers have a great variety of medical properties that can be used in many ways, for example: 

- The leaves can be used to bring down fevers and also is recommended in the case of any knocks, bruises and traumatisms in general, although it can not be applied when there are open wounds or hemorrhages. The application of the juice in dyes, in the form of poultice, has an immediate effect that reduces inflammation straight away and diminishes the pain quickly. Usually, it is prepared with one part dye for every three of water. However, its prolonged usage or action can bring about inflammations of the skin. 

- The flowers, in the infusion, are used to alleviate stomach illnesses and for cases of gout and arthritis. The infusion id prepared with two grams of the flower (normally one flower) and is sweetened with honey. The internal use ought to be done with much precaution as it can cause shivers, skin rashes, miscarriages, and nervous shocks. 

- The dry and pulverized root was also used a long time ago to bring about sneezing. 

- Arnica, in homeopathic globules or dilutions, is used to reduce the effects of physical trauma caused by operations or by accidents. 

- Also you can grow it as a plant in the garden!

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