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                                                                      - 24 / 01 / 01 -           

Cayena - decorates the environment 

              and also offers medical properties               

Family - Plants that embellish the body and the environment.

Cayena - decorates the

environment and also

offers medical properties





 Its chalice is used in Europe to obtain a colouring used in distillery. 

24/01/2001. Its scientific name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Its Family: Malvaceas

Cayena is principally used as an ornamental plant in our country, however it is also known to have cosmetic and medical properties. 

The shrub is native of Armenia and can reach as big as 8 metres tall. It has a woody stem, oval leaves, wide or narrow, with jagged edges. The flowers, single or double, are hermaphrodite and large. Its colours can vary: one can find white ones, yellow, orange, rose, red (the most common) and shades of each. It propagates by cuttings or stoles. 

From the Cayena, one can use the flowers, the leaves and the root. 

The flowers in an infusion, with lemon and honey, tastes excellent and is to calm the nerves and for insomnia. The flowers in decoration, are used as expectorant  and to alleviate stomach ulcers. For flu, one can recommend the syrup of the Cayena flower, which is prepared with a fresh juice of stewed flowers in a litre of simple syrup for 20 minutes. 

The crushed leaves combat dandruff, psoriasis and baldness. To make this, one ought to prepare a shampoo-cream in the following way: 

  • Liquidize two cups of leaves and shoots into two cups of water.

  • Separately boil, on a low heat, half a bar of blue soap/natural soap that has been grated into two cups of water, until it has dissolved. 

  • Mix both preparations together well and then add to it a teaspoonful of palm coconut oil or vegetable oil, stirring all the time. 

  • Strain it through linen and then bottle it. It is known that the shampoo of the leaves and shoots of Cayena cleans hair and leaves it smooth and shiny. 

  • If you have very dry hair, use the above preparation. If it is greasy then instead of adding vegetable oil, add to the mixture a teaspoonful of vinegar for each cup of water. 

The root in the decoction has the property of alleviating eye irritations.

The close lives of Cayenas offer protection against the hustle and bustle of the world. 

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