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 At the end of 1997, GAIA started its pilot phase of the project "Our Daily Plant" in two rural schools of Parroquia El Junko in the state of Vargas: Pericoco 24 and La Encantada. We focused mainly on the collection of information about plants that were consumed and cultivated in that area, and the design of educational material on the topics of family agriculture, compost, recycling, and the medical and cosmetic uses of plants. 

In september of 1999, a contract was made with the Director of Education of the state of Vargas that expanded the pilot phase to seven more schools. The project reached its highest point in July 2000 despite the implications of the tragic floods and consequent mudslides that hit the state of Vargas in December 1999. 

To attend to the above situation, we adapted our project and were able to support the affected communities, in various shelters, by giving our workshops and related courses of health and nutrition. 

Despite the situation of emergency, and the conclusion of the agreement with the regional government, we have maintained our links with the schools thanks to the support of the volunteers from the US Peace Corps and from various volunteers of GAIA.

The work in the shelters was seen as a huge success. As a result World Vision supported us financially to continue our work in Vargas. However one by one, homes for the people in the shelters were found, relocation took place, and consequently numbers of people in the shelters, where the project was adopted, dropped.  

By October 2000, the work in the shelters in conjunction with the US Peace Corps, became known to World Vision who helped us financially to continue our project in the shelters in Vargas. Over time, the families in the shelters were relocated and the number of people at the talks and workshops diminished. For this reason, this project in the shelters cam to an end in February 2001. 

So, what is the plan for the future? In order to continue the project "La Planta Nuestra de Cada Dia" in the rural communities of Vargas, the Finish Embassy gave us a small contribution to run workshops of family agriculture, recycling and artisan skills in three communities and schools in Parroquia El Junko. 

"La Planta Nuestra de Cada Dia" has a long term goal of sustainable development. If you want to know more about what we will be doing, carry on reading... Next Page  




















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