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What are the benefits?

1: A way for self-reliance that promotes the emergence and maintenance of various small holdings and farms with an ecological system of production.

2: A better socio-economic standard, in terms of the contribution of information on plants and how they promoted the creation of small businesses. 

3: Material with practical contents and that is accessible to everyone. 

4: An opportunity to organize communities and to the family in the education process.

5: The improvement of community health by offering information about hygiene and nutritional consumption. 

6: The  revival of love for nature and care for the environment - from creative experiences and ecological exchanges to the approval of means to improve the quality of life.

7: The creation of solutions to environmental problems for whichever community you administer the project to. 





Products We Offer

  A detailed methodology of workshops and complementary activities that will be able to be used by teaching establishments and multiple communities with a system of effective and amenable training.

  The instruction of teachers of Primary Schools in the making of Pedagogical Projects for the classroom, inspired in the theme of plants.

  A database which will have access to both printed and audiovisual information about the medical, nutritional, cosmetic, industrial, and magical/religious uses of plants, their cultivated forms, and their required preparation. 

  A series of low cost, comprehensible, instruction parcels adapted to the facts of every region.

   The development in the area of socio-community and profitability, by helping the formation of partnership businesses and associations of neighbors. 

    For more information on any of these products or to obtain copies then please do not hesitate to contact us...

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