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We are a non-governmentally funded organization that relies on the support and donations of outside sources. There are many ways that you can help as can be seen on the How can you Help? page. One way that is listed is to make a donation directly to our bank. However, you can also help us if you buy one of our products listed below. 



The proceeds of these sales go dirctly towards helping GAIA's work within the communities. Funds are often used to buy important materials that we use in teaching our workshops, it might be in printing the Micro-Companies workbooks that the communities use in that workshop, or it might be in buying seeds that we give to communities to use in the workshop of Agrifam. 

Whatever the use, all money that we receive is put to the most efficient use...a little goes a long, long way. 

Please have a look below at the products that we have on offer. If you have any further questions about obtaining them or want to know even more about them, then please do no hesitate to contact us... Contact Details 

Weekly Agendas



Part of the project of "La Planta Nuestra de Cada Dia" has been to prepare a pepetual weekly planner for the year. This contains 52 plants (so you learn about 1 every week). It provides information on their scientific characteristics, medical uses and any other properties, as well as when and how to plant and grow them. 


  Cost of planner:               US$ 8.00      or      Bs 10,000

+Cost of sending:               US$ 4.00               Bs  2,000

Your Contribution:             US$ 12.00              Bs  12,000


At present we only have copies of the weekly agenda in Spanish, but if  you want a closer look at what it looks like then click here...






































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