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AIM Sistemas Inteligentes S.C.

About AIM

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We are a professional Firm oriented to Business  Processes Consultancy, Corporate Relationships and investment opportunities, based on relationship and socio-economic & political analysis.

AIM Sistemas in USSCHC Expo
Philadelphia, Sep. 2006

Julio C. Alfonzo and Yanitza Marquez

Mercedes Jahn

Our Business Philosophy

We emphasize giving a high-quality servicing customers in a professional and efficient manner. We only partner with reputable  suppliers, so we have confidence in the services we offer.

Who We Are

  • J.C. Alfonzo is a mathematician, Organizational Consultant and expert in software Design.
  • Y. Marquez is a Sociologist, expert in planning, corporate relations, communication and semiotics.
  • M. Jahn is a PhD in Psicology. Expert in Executive Coaching. President of IFC Chapter Mexico.
We have recently expanded to  Latin America and Hispanic Business World, through our office based in Mexico.

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