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AIM Sistemas Inteligentes S.C.

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"Managing intangible capital to maximize  VALUE"
Mision Statement:

"We are a professional firm engaged in Maximizing the value of Intangible Business Capital, through  executive coaching and Web-based systems."

Aim Coaching Ejecutivo
Servicios para Top Managers

Our web based systems and executive coaching  services  are oriented  to support your success in managing Corporate Relationships and  Business environment.

We look forward to working with you.

Caring about your Business Relations
Flying Geese

Strategic Relations Management
Manejo Estratégico Relaciones

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Save on your PR Investment!
Know your Client profile!
Knowing Business
Monitoring Biz Environment
Monitoreo de Entorno Empresarial

What is MDE Download

Timely actions in an Uncertain World !

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